Ambulance (Skybirds 33)

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Ambulance (Skybirds 33)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 02

A cream-coloured painted cast lead Military Ambulance made by Taylor and Barrett and sold as Skybirds item 35.

The status of the ambulance as a military ambulance is made clear by it's having its Red Cross logo emblazoned on the roof (where it can be seen by enemy aircraft, who then know not to shoot at it), rather than on the sides.


The ambulance is cream apart from its separate silver radiator/headlights piece, and its black rubber tyres. It has "AMBULANCE" embossed on its sides, and a white circular sticker with a red cross on the roof of the cab.

The cab is attached to the chassis with thick twisted tabs.


The base is moulded with "T&B" "ENGLAND" .