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Brighton has a thriving community of artists and designers, and this is reflected in the city's street art.

Full buildings

While full-wall murals have been a feature of the city for some years, some pubs and cafes have gone further and commissioned artists to give their premises a full-building makeover, where an eye-catching design extends over two, or three or four exterior walls.

Roof Art

A new development (circa 2017 onwards) is the use of buildings' roofs for (horizontal) mural-like artwork. The building of the i360 viewing tower means that flat rooftops can be used as a whole new type of public canvas, and some building owners are happy that their flat roofs, which would otherwise appear as a mess of drab white or grey cement and aluminium ventilation ducts, can be turned into something colourful and exciting without affecting the building's identity as seen from ground level.


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