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The National Railway Museum (NRM) is the UK's main repository for the National collection of historically significant railway locomotives, rolling stock and other railway items. It's nationally funded as part of the Science Museum Group (SMG), which until fairly recently went by the less memorable name of the National Museum of Science and Industry (NMSI).

Based in York, it has an offshoot in Shildon, County Durham (National Railway Museum Shildon / Shildon Locomotion Museum), and also has items on loan to various railway groups.

The NRM was founded in 1975 to take over the collections that were then curated by BR, after it was decided that if BR's curatorship role was to be effectively publicly funded anyway, that perhaps the responsibilities and collections should be transferred to a national museums group, where the role could be administered and funded more directly.

Some of the more famous items held by the NRM include the locomotives 4472 Flying Scotman, 6100 Royal Scot, and 6229 Duchess of Hamilton. The SMG's pooled resources also include other historic locomotives such as Stephenson's "Rocket" from the Science Museum's collection.

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