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Karl Bub

1851 -     

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The toy manufacturer Bub was founded by Karl Bub in Nuremberg, in 1851, and produced a variety of static and clockwork tin toys, but came to prominence with the metal cars and trains that they produced from around 1905 onwards.

Bub and Tipp & Co (Nuremberg) opened a factory in Aylebury after WW1 to bypass UK anti-German import restrictions, until 1939 when WW2 broke out.

Bub's solid locos were in demand between the wars, and the company bought Bing's manufacturing base in 1932, after that company went bust.

Bub's Nuremberg factory had to be rebuilt after WW2. The company supported a range of smaller train formats, but its emphasis on promoting its S-gauge trains rather than the more popular 00-gauge and H0-gauge formats impacted on its market share, and the company closed in 1966.

In the museum

The museum's collection of Bub pieces is mostly limited to the "Tabletop Railway" sets in Arch Three.

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