Floor train, clockwork (Karl Bub)

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Floor train, clockwork (Karl Bub)

BTMM map 048.gif
Arch Three , Area 48
Bing Table Railway (display)
Shelf 4

A simple clockwork floor train toy made by Karl Bub of Nuremburg in the 1920s.

The toy consists of a small crude green locomotive with four large red disc-wheels and two silver tipper-wagons with black bases, displayed in the slightly battered remains of what appears to be the original box.

Bub and Bing

The scale of the toy is close to 00-gauge, although as a floor toy that didn't run on rails, gauge was largely irrelevant.

However, the significance of the piece is that it shows that Bub was already making toy trains in this scale. When fellow Southern German metal toymaking firm Bing went bust in the 1920s, Bub bought the machine tooling for the 00-gauge Bing Table Railway system and manufactured their own version for the German market for a while, before they, too, went bust.