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The Juneero outfits allowed owners to build models or other objects out of metal: where Meccano used pre-made reusable components that were screwed and bolted together (and taught mechanics), Juneero provided tools for owners to make their own parts, and taught metalworking.


The Juneero Number 1 Outfit focussed on a special multifunction tool for bending, punching notching (etc.) metal, along with a screwdriver and spanners, a "die" for cutting screwthreads, and some raw materials.

The Number 2 Outfit came with more metal material, and with some additional accessories, such as a pair of metalworking shears.

The Multifunction Tool was updated to become the Super Multifunction Tool in 1940, and the same year, the range was expanded to include a separate electrically-powered engraver, and the No.1 and No.2 sets (costing 15/ and 30/) were joined by a larger Workshop Set that came in its own wooden chest and cost 60/, and the top-of-the-range Engineer's Set, which came in a metal box and cost 84/ .

Juneero materials envelope for sheet metal

Advertising text, 1939

Look at the innumerable things you can do with it in metal, easily and without any trouble. Punch holes (as many or as few as you like) in the metal strips, also cut, bend and curve metal to various sizes and shapes, enabling you to make hundreds of different articles or models for practical use in the home. You can also make all kinds of equipment for model railways -- bridges, crossing gates, signals etc., A.R.P. or War Models etc., and you can either make them to your own ideas and sizes, or from the special Juneero design sheets, price 1d each. The full range of Juneero Materials include Corrugated and metal sheets -- plain or in various colours, glass substitutes for windows, etc. -- price 1/ per packet.

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