Juneero metal constructional kit No 2A

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Juneero metal constructional kit No 2A

Juneero Set 2A.jpg Juneero Set 2A (i)
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Arch Two , Area 6
Metal Construction Sets (display)

Juneero metal construction kit No.2A "with XAKTO slide gauge".

"Makes, mends and models in metal"

"Step One: Build your own construction kit"

A full-page Juneero advert from November 1939: "Ideal for the long blackout evenings"

Juneero was sold as a metal construction kit with a difference: unlike Meccano and most of the other competing construction kit systems, Juneero didn't come with a set of parts,and didn't have a range of expansion kits that users had to keep buying in order to make more and bigger models. Instead, the Juneero system as based around a small number of multifunction tools that let you thread, cut, bend and punch holes in metal strips and rods to make your own pieces.

Once you'd bought the Juneero system tools, you were pretty much self-sufficient and no longer needed to buy anything else apart from raw materials. However, this also meant that the parent company didn't make the same follow-on sales as other companies producing readymade kits, and the Juneero system didn't get to produce the same range of advertising as the competition ... because, essentially, there wasn't all that much to advertise.

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