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Gerry Anderson

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Joe 90

1968 - 1969
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Joe 90 (1968-1969) was the last 1960s Gerry Anderson series to use marionettes, and centred on the exploits of child superspy and "most special agent" Joe McClaine, a glasses-wearing nineyearold with a career as a secret agent.

Joe's adopted father has developed a technology Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer, or BIGRAT that allows him to download and store people's memories and skills. A standard sequence each woeek would involve Joe in ar a spherical gold cage, which would spin while it uploaded those skills into his brain.

Notable vehicles

  • The Jet Air Car (aka Joe's Car), an odd-looking multi-terrain vehicle with four wheeled legs and fins – part boat, part aircraft, part car.
  • Sam Weston's Car, a more conventional-looking car distinguished by its oversized tailfins.

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