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The Hobbies Clockwork Boat, made for the company by Bowman, appears to have been introduced in 1929.

Hobbies had a rather diffident approach to the entry-level model, while most of the other model boats and aeroplanes had grand names or brandnames, this boat was referred to as just "A Clockwork Boat", or "A Clockwork Launch".

Other clockwork models

"The Clockwork Boat (/Launch)" was later joined by a series of four more expensive "named" clockwork boats, Panther, Tiger, Comet and Ajax.

1930 Hobbies Annual text:


A new model which should be as popular as the rest of the series. A well cut and shapely hull, into which is fitted a specially designed motor. This has an unusually strong spring which drives the boat a good distance. A stop and start brake action is fitted through the deck, and the brass rudder allows the boat to be steered in any direction. Supplied in a strong box, ready for use.

1930 advert text:

A New Clockwork Launch


The very latest in Hobbies Boats – different in mechanism, but the same in value. A long handsome hull, finished in two colours and with a varnished mahogany deck, fitted with a spray-hood and driven by a clockwork movement of great speed and strength. The clockwork motor has been selected after much experiment and many trials; it is housed in the hull out of sight and away from dust and spray. A key is provided to wind it, whilst a brake action for stopping and starting is fitted through the deck. There's nothing to compare with it at the price – a sound, safe and speedy boat for any lad.


The long, balanced hull is cut from sound timber and finished in two colours of waterproof paint. Handsome varnished mahogany deck fitted with spray-hood forward and imitation cabin lights. The propeller is twin bladed of polished brass, fitted through a waterproof stern tube to the mechanism in the hull. The boat is guided in any direction by a polished brass rudder. The driving power is a strong clockwork motor fixed in the body of the boat, with winding post projecting through the deck. The mechanism is built of strong and reliable parts producing an excellent turn of speed for a good period. The motor is stopped and started by means of a brake action though the deck.

— , Hobbies, , Hobbies Weekly, , 5th April 1930


A Clockwork Boat
20"× 2½"
A Clockwork Launch
23" × 3½"
Length 20", Beam 3½"
Length 23". Long running clockwork motor.
Length 30". Beam 3½" Polished birch deck. Aluminium spray hood. Polished cellulose finish. Long-running clockwork motor.
32" clockwork

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