Beechcraft C55 Baron, N555C (Dinky Toys 715)

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Beechcraft C55 Baron, N555C (Dinky Toys 715)

Beechcraft C55 Baron, Dinky Toys 715 (DinkyCat 1971-07).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A yellow and white twin model of a piston-engined propeller driven Beechcraft Baron 55 light aircraft marked N555C, Dinky Toys model number 715.

The original aircraft

Competing with light aircraft from Cessna and Piper, Beechcraft's twin-engined Baron 55 was introduced in 1961, with the four-to-six-seater Baron C55 variant built through 1966 and 1967. The C55 was technically a six-seater plane if one used the third row of (more cramped) seats, but many users preferred to treat it as a more comfortable four-seater.

The current variant still in production is the BARON G58

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