Amy Johnsons plane G-ADSO (Dinky Toys 60c)

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Amy Johnsons plane G-ADSO (Dinky Toys 60c)

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Arch Two , Area 22
The Hatley Early Dinky Collection (display)

1934 - 1941

A boxed blue and silver model of Amy Johnson's plane, G-ADSO. This is Johnson's Percival Gull two-seater cabin monoplane, Dinky Toys 60c, made by Meccano Ltd. from 1934 to 1941.

1935: catalogue image

The model is mid-blue with silver wings and a tailfins, and has its markings G-ADSO in matching blue rather than the usual black .

Box text

Box lid


Scale Model Souvenir of actual Percival "Gull" aeroplane flown by Mrs. Amy Mollison on her record flight to Capetown and back.

Exhibited at LEWIS'S

At the time that Amy Johnson was using this aircraft, she'd married fellow record-breaking pilot Jim Mollison, and the two of them were setting records together as a team, "The Mollisons".

A little later they divorced and Amy Johnson went back to using her birthname.