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Amy Johnson (1903–1941) was a celebrated aviator who set a number of aviation records before being lost in a plane crash in the Thames estuary.

A Life in Aircraft

  • de Havilland DH.60 Gipsy Moth, G-AAAH, "Jason"
Johnson's first aircraft
1930: flies solo from Croydon to Brisbane.
  • de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth, G-AAZV, "Jason II"
1931: flies from London to Moscow in 21hrs with copilot Jack Humphreys
  • de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth, G-ACAB, "Desert Cloud"
1932: London to Cape Town solo record, breaking the previous record by Jim Mollison. After having just married Mollison that year.
  • de Havilland DH.84 Dragon, G-ACCV, "Seafarer"
1933: Flies with Mollison from South Wales to Brooklyn. Gets a ticker-tape parade in New York.
  • de Havilland DH.88 Comet, G-ACSP, "Black Magic"
1934: Britain to India speed record, with Mollison.
  • Percival Gull Six, G-ADZO '
1936: Regains the record for flying from Britain to South Africa.
  • Various
1940: Joined the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), worked flying planes around the country to where they needed to be.
  • Airspeed Oxford
The last plane flown by Johnson. While trying to deliver the aircraft, Johnson went badly off-course in bad weather, ran out of fuel, and her plane went down in the Thames Estuary. Attempts to rescue her from the waters failed, with the Captain of a nearby ship diving into the water and later dying from his attempt at a rescue.

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