Wilkinson Steam Tram Engine, No.2 (scratchbuilt, Ken Allbon)

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Wilkinson Steam Tram Engine, No.2 (scratchbuilt, Ken Allbon)

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Arch One , Area 83
Visitors' Brighton (display)

Glamour of Brighton

A scratchbuilt model of a brown Wilkinson-patent steam-powered tram engine from around the 1890s.

The engine looks rather simply and unpretentiously designed, short and rectangular with rounded corners and yellow and white lining, rather like a "Spam" tin with windows. It has a silver roof and a very high silver central stovepipe chimney, and the number 2 on the sides.

The model is part of a set made by Ken Allbon between 2010 and 2012.

Angled view


The roof area supports advertisng boards around the edge, with a white-on-blue MELLIN'S FOOD for infants and invalids advert in the side, and double adverts for Hudson's Soap on the ends.

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