United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon (Hornby Dublo 4657)

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United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon (Hornby Dublo 4657)

United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon (six-wheeled), Hornby-Dublo 4657 (DubloCat 1963).jpg (i)
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A white Hornby Dublo "United Dairies" six-wheeled milk tanker wagon (model 4657), introduced to the range in 1962.

This piece was advertised in the August and October 1962 issues of Meccano Magazine.

Advertising description:

" The No.4657 United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon is the first six-wheeled item of freight rolling stock in Hornby-Dublo. With its neat, moulded tank and die-cast base, it represents an up-to-date vehicle of large capacity for the rail transport of milk in bulk.
Length 4 1/8 in. U.K. Price 11/ "
1963 catalogue image, Hornby-Dublo 4657, United Daireies Milk Wagon

Launch description, August 1962

" The No. 4657 Milk Tank Wagon is the first vehicle to cater for milk traffic in Hornby-Dublo and is also the first piece of freight rolling stock in the range to run on six wheels. From this you will realise that the new model represents an up-to-date tank wagon of large capacity, as used for the transport by rail of milk in bulk.
The tank itself is a neat moulding, clean in outline, with domed ends, with the barrel of the tank carrying four strengthening bands or strips. Centrally on top is the filler cap, which can be reached by means of ladders on each side. There are two vents on the tank top, and at the bottom of each end is a representation of the fittings used for discharging purposes and for the steam cleaning processes that all milk tanks have to undergo after they have been emptied. The tank is well braced by the usual end-frames and diagonals and is well supported on a series of cross-members built up from the underframe.
A Wealth of Detail
The base of this new Hornby-Dublo introduction is die-cast, with extremely accurate detail in the solebars and axle guards. The long springs characteristic of this type of vehicle, with their "J" hangers and the axleboxes below them are particularly well represented. The wheels are of the familiar nylon disc type running in axle brackets and those of the end pairs of wheels incorporate representations of clasp-type brake blocks, for the ral tank wagons are fitted with vacuum brakes, and can be run in the fastest freight, or even express passenger trains, formations. The base includes a representatio nof the vacuum cylinder and at the right hand corner of each side the short lever for hand application of the brake is modelled. "

"Four More Special-Purpose Wagons", Meccano Magazine, August 1962

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