Rheingold (Train Running Day)

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A Train Running Day, on 9th November 2013, "Across England, along the Rhine and over the Alps" based on the route , locomotives and rolling stock of the 1930s "Rheingold" luxury train service.


In the spirit of authenticity we hope to run the following locomotives and coach formations, subject to technical matters and the uncertainties of the political climate during the late 1930's.

(Note: Madrid was bombed in November 1936 and Guernica in April 1937. Trenches were being dug in Hyde Park in September 1938, although WWII was not declared until September 1939. Attention is drawn to these morbid facts, by way of explaining how uncertainties affected consumer demand and led to consequent scarcity of superlative O gauge model trains at their zenith).

On a happier note, we are especially pleased to present the first public performance by the Museum's early GREEN MÄRKLIN HR PACIFIC (in in original condition). This would certainly have hauled the RHEINGOLD TRAIN, kindly loaned for the occasion.

So, for your enjoyment:

Across England:

LNER (London and North Eastern Railway):

Bassett-Lowke SANDRINGHAM, plus BING, and MÄRKLIN coaches
Bassett-Lowke ARSENAL, plus EXLEY coaches (restored to higher standard)
Hornby BRAMHAM MOOR, plus HORNBY coaches

LMS (London, Midland and Scottish Railway:

Märklin/B-L NEWFOUNDLAND, plus EXLEY coaches (pre-war)

SR (Southern Railway):

Mills Brothers LORD NELSON, plus EXLEY coaches (post war) with BONDS Pullman Car

Along the Rhine:

DRG (Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft):

Märklin HR PACIFIC (First issue, green livery), plus Marcel Darphin DARSTAED (Märklin tooling) RHEINGOLD coaches.

NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen):

SNCB "loan" of TYPE 35 2-8-0 , no Dutch locomotive being available, plus Rheingold coaches connecting with the Hook of Holland

BBÖ (Bundesbahn Österreich):

GÖLSDORF Pacfìc, Vienna connection, Elettren CIWL coaches


Over the Alps:

SBB (Nederlandse Spoorwegen):

Märklin overhead-electric CS and HS 2-4-4 and 2-6-4 locomotives, doubleheaded, plus Rheingold coaches

F.S. ( Ferrovie dello Stato):

Elettren ANSALDO, plus CIWL and F.S. Elettren coaches


  • Saturday 9th November 2013 - ~10:30-~17:00 morning and afternoon shows, with layouts running approximately ~10:30am-1pm, and ~2pm-4:30pm, with a one-hour break. Timings are approximate.

Further reading

  • Gerald W. Spink, "Railway Notes on a Rhineland Journey", The Meccano Magazine, February 1931 p.116-117
  • Cecil J. Allen, "The Hook of Holland Boat Express" The Meccano Magazine, June 1927 p.516-519, 526