Tank Wagon D1, Royal Daylight (Hornby Dublo)

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Tank Wagon D1, Royal Daylight (Hornby Dublo)

Oil Tank Wagon 'Royal Daylight', Hornby Dublo D1 (HBoT 1939).jpg (i)
BTMM map 037.gif
Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 7

An early red cylindrical "Royal Daylight Tank Wagon, (Hornby-Dublo D1) with matching red filler cap, as illustrated in the Meccano Ltd pre-war catalogues.

The tank has printed rivets, and "Royal Daylight" in black-outlined gold capital letters.

Pre-war (1939) catalogue image, Hornby-Dublo "Royal Daylight" Tank Wagon D1

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