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The Swallow (1930) was (along with the Snipe, launched at the same time), one of the most popular of the second wave of Bowman Models' live steam boats, as judged from the number of times it appeared in advertising from 1931 onwards.

Comparatively small for a Bowman steam boat (some have used the word "tiny"), it was still twenty inches long.

Advertising and catalogue text:


AN ATTRACTIVE and popular model steam launch which represents the best value ever offered in this type of boat. Thoroughly practical and steams for 20 minutes at a filling, but is not quite so wind-proof as other models. It has a good turn of speed and in fact will beat continental models at nearly double its price. Beautifully finished in 3 colours. Fully guaranteed.


HULL of patent applied for design – extra light. Length 20" overall. Beam 3½". Stream-lined spray hood
ENGINE – Bowman "double power" single cylinder ¾" stroke 3/8" bore.
BOILER – polished brass 4½" × 1½" with safety valve.
Safety LAMP and direct drive to propeller. Exhaust at stern.

For Model Engineers who prefer to construct their own models, this model is supplied in loose parts at same price but without guarantee.

Complete with filler and instructions in strong box.


The hull is 20 in. long with (3½?) in. beam. Fitted with short stream-line spray hood. Finished in three colours with water-line. Single-cylinder engine, oscillating type, accurately machined for smooth running. Polished brass parts. Boiler and lamp capable of steaming boat for 20 minutes. Twin-bladed propeller, shafting and rudder all of brass.

1930: Swallow and Snipe launch announcement

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