Stuart Turner steam plants

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Steam Plants (boiler and engine combined in one unit) made by Stuart Turner Ltd. (Stuart Models).


716-inch Bore, 716-inch Stroke

Overall dimensions, 2-inches long × 1-inch wide × 3-inches high.

The Engine is as carefully made as our larger engines, and is a great favourite for driving Meccano, etc. It is powerful, but it is not big enough to drive a dynamo. The gunmetal Cylinder, which is lagged, is doubleacting; the standard is hard brass. The crankshaft, disc and crankpin are turned out of solid steel.

The engine can with the aid of very clear instructions be built by the youngest beginner.

With such accuracy are the parts made, that we guarantee the engine to work well. If there is any difficulty, send the engine to us, we will gladly give assistance.

The Boiler, 1 34-inches diameter, 5 14-inches long, is of solid drawn copper, brazed. Fitted with superheater and with a reliable "pop" safety valve, a safe spirit lamp and copper funnel. Working pressure, 30-lb.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


A Complete Plant, Engine and Boiler mounted on fire-proof base 9-inches × 3¼-inches

Painted and tested, £5 7s. 6d.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965