Streamline Bus (Mettoy MTY820)

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Streamline Bus (Mettoy MTY820)

BTMM map 062.gif
Arch Four , Area 62
1930s Layout, top

A bright red metal clockwork streamlined single-decker bus in excellent condition, made by Mettoy circa 1940s. The base doesn't list a model number, but the numberplate has the identifier MTY 820 (where "MTY" stands for "Mettoy").


The bus is a nice example of the tail end of Mettoy's "traditional tinplate toys" output, well designed and decently detailed. In the mid-Fifties this range was eclipsed by the appearance of the new Mettoy-Playcraft range of diecast cars, Corgi Toys.

The other clockwork tinplate vehicles on the layout are Tri-ang Minics.