Stephenson's Rocket, steam-powered (Hornby G100)

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Stephenson's Rocket, steam-powered (Hornby G100)

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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)


A large (3.5-gauge) steam-powered model of George Stephenson's iconic 1829 "Rocket" locomotive, made by Hornby, complete with tender (and barrel) and matching yellow "Liverpool and Manchester Railway" carriage.

With its yellow paint, white flared chimney, and large front drivewheels powered by 45-degree-angled pistons, Stephenson's Rocket is probably the most distinctive and easily-recognised member of the family of early steam locomotives.

The model is one of the few steam-powered locos that Hornby ever made.

The model in pride of place at the top of the "Toyshop Steam" display cabinet

"Rocket 150" Anniversary (1830-1980)

The Hornby "Rocket", with carriages, track and points, was produced in 1980 as a "special" product to mark the national celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Rocket winning the Rainhill Trials in 1830.


The model is displayed with an additional carriage, on the special black plastic track designed for it, next to Hornby's contemporarily-styled leaflet giving the locomotive's history.

Extra "Treasurer's" railway carriage for the set

The clip-together track is unusual in that some pieces have different lengths of track on each side: they can either be clipped together the same way to produce a curve (and ultimately a circle), or pairs can be clipped together facing each other so that the total track length on each side matches, producing straight sections.

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