Sharp's Toffee Van (Dinky Toys 28h-1)

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Past Exhibit

Sharp's Toffee Van (Dinky Toys 28h-1)

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Arch Two , Area 25
The Legend of Hornby
Shelf 4

A very rare lead cast Dinky Toys Delivery Van 28h, first casting, with black cab and chassis and red container section.

This is the very first, "1920's-style" version of the van, dating from 1934-35.

It has a silver grille, metal wheels, and the sides are lettered "SHARP'S TOFFEE" with the two words forming a pair of interlocking wedges, over the word "MAIDSTONE" in smaller text. Lettering is gold with a black outline.

The van used the Hornby Modelled Miniatures 22d Delivery Van moulding, which was discontinued the following year.

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