Seaplane UX214 (Johillco 628)

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Seaplane UX214 (Johillco 628)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 7

A boxed wine-red metal biplane Seaplane' made by John Hill (Johillco), as item number 628.


The plane has a painted cast lead body with a pronounced radial engine-block, and an open base fitted with two painted pressed-tinplate wings, and a tilting double-sled/float. It has a silver two-blade propeller.

The cast body says BRITISH MADE inside, and has cast raised windowframe outlines and the text "UX 214".

The design is very obviously a clone of a Tootsietoy toy (which is in turn based on the fuselage shape of the "Spirit of St Louis", possibly produced in the UK under licence.


The dark red box is inverse-printed with the text, "Look It's a JohillcoToy", and the toy name and number.