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Magic In Toys

JUST imagine a make-believe country all your own with marvellous Tootsietoy Autos, Planes, Furniture, and many, many Playthings for both boys and girls. Each Tootsietoy has the magic quality of looking almost exactly like the real thing it represents on Earth, but, of course, it's smaller. The shape and color are so perfect, you rub your eyes and look again to be sure you haven't become a Giant yourself – and that the little automobile looks so small because you have grown so big.

Everywhere Tootsietoys are spinning along the road, flying, plowing the fields, or being useful in the homes.

My, but it's fun to watch them and to play with them! You can "make-believe" so many things.

All you need to do is ask the Fairy to wave her Magic Wand and whisper Tootsietoy in Dad's or Mother's ear.

Dad will bring home a beautiful box with YOUR Tootsietoys. Each toy is made of metal, a perfect miniature of the real thing. You too, will have loads of fun playing Make-Believe in your own Magicland of Tootsietoys.

— , -, , "Let's Make Believe with Tootsietoys", toy catalogue, , 1932

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