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The Future Car Challenge was an electric car event organised by the RAC. Where the historical Veteran Car Run goes from London to Brighton, the future-looking FCC ran the other way, from Brighton to London.

Since it took place the day before the Vintage car rally, it was possible for someone starting in London to attend both events, and end up back in London on the second day.

The event started on Madeira Drive, to commemorate the pioneering work on electric vehicles by Magnus Volk, who was behind the Volks Electric Railway and the Brighton to Rottingdean Seashore Electric Railway. Volk had a workshop on Madeira Drive that is still owned by the Volks Railway, and at one point also built himself an experimental electric car.

The event has now been replaced by the London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally.

2011 Dates

The electric cars assembled on the afternoon and evening of Friday 4th November, for an early staggered start on Saturday November 5th 2011, arriving in London's Pall Mall over the course of the day.

The next day (Sunday 6th November), the Veteran Car Rally started in London and arrived in Brighton.

2013 cancellation announcement

In May 2013 it was announced that the Rally would no longer take place, due to a sponsor pulling out.

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