Pullman Brighton Belle Car 90 (Wrenn 3006)

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Pullman Brighton Belle Car 90 (Wrenn 3006)

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Arch One , Area 85
Brighton Locomotive Works (display)

Glamour of Brighton

An 00-gauge motorised model "Brighton Belle" Pullman end Car No.90 (W3006), in the standard brown-and-cream Pullman livery. The piece was made by G&R Wrenn between 1980 and 1992.


After the breakup of Meccano Ltd. and the offical end of the Dublo range, Wrenn (who became Triang Wren) had inherited the Hornby Dublo machine tools and had sold the remaining stockpile of Dublo Pullman car models, and had then gone on to continue making new model rolling stock based on some of the Dublo designs and machine tools, including the Dublo Pullman cars.

The addition of these two newer 1980s "Brighton Belle"-specific EMU motor end-cars meant that people who already owned the existing Dublo and/or Wrenn Pullman cars could create their own Brighton Belle train by adding the two new end-cars to three of the more standard Pullman carriages.

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