Pullman Brighton Belle Car 91 (Wrenn 3007)

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Pullman Brighton Belle Car 91 (Wrenn 3007)

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Glamour of Brighton

An 00-gauge non-motorised model "Brighton Belle" Pullman end Car No.91 (W3007), in the standard brown-and-cream Pullman livery. The piece was made by G&R Wrenn between 1980 and 1992.

Cars 90 and 91

This was sold with an almost identical looking "Car 90" model as a two-car set. These two "motor" carriages were used as the end-cars that drove the Brighton Belle electric Pullman train, and the Wrenn model end-cars could be used with existing Wrenn Pullman carriages (or with older Hornby Dublo Pullman carriages) to make up a full 00-gauge five-car Brighton Belle set.

However, although the real Brighton Belle had motorised cars at each end, an 00-gauge model only needed one of the cars to have an electric motor, so Wren's "Car 90" model was fitted with a motor, but their "Car 91" model was a motorless "dummy" car.

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