Passenger composite coach, 3rd class, LMS 6140 (Leeds)

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Passenger composite coach, 3rd class, LMS 6140 (Leeds)

Leeds composite coach 6140.jpg LMS composite passenger coach, 6140 (Leeds) (i)
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Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)

A brown (or dark maroon) LMS passenger "composite" (combined passenger and luggage) coach with two four-wheel bogies and black concertina carriage connection walkways, made by the Leeds Model Company (LMC).

The coaches are identifiable by the maker's logo (LMC letters in an oval), on the black base girderwork at the middle of the carriage.

LMS composite railway carriage, Leeds Model Company (LMC), detail

Advertising image, 1939

Leeds LMS Third Class Vestibule Brake Composite Coach, from a 1939 advert