Passenger Train Set, LMS 5600 (Hornby Trains)

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Passenger Train Set, LMS 5600 (Hornby Trains)

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Arch Four , Area 37
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Shelf 6

A post-war boxed maroon clockwork 0-4-0 Hornby Trains gauge 0 No. 501 Passenger Train Set (LMS loco 5600), from ~1949.

This post-war version of the pre-war Hornby Series No.1 train sets started being produced in 1948.

The set consists of track, a dark red red No.501 locomotive, and tender (the post-war version of the No.1 loco) , and three red tinplate carriages with grey roofs (two fully-windowed passenger cars and and one luggage or guards van). The shiny windows are uninked tinplate.

The box has a blue card interior, and contains an accessory envelope, and one of the carriages still has an orange-and-black "TESTED" factory label.

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