Micotrix 110V electric motor

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Micotrix 110V electric motor

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Arch Two , Area 6
Metal Construction Sets (display)

A small, chunky, French red-and-green heavy-duty MICO TRIX mains-powered 100 Volt AC electric motor, marked "Fabrication Francaise", with box.

The motor has a green-paintedcast metal body with rour rubber feet and a vertical wheel with red sides, and the branding is either "MICOTRIX" or "MICO-TRIX" depending on whether you believe the markings on the motor or those on the box.

The box is cardboard covered with dark red paper with a lift-off lid bearing a large rectangular sticker with slightly faded red ink, with the "MICO-TRIX" name and a picture of the motor.

French Trix "MICO TRIX" 110-Volt electric motor

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