Meccano Accessory Outfit 00A

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Meccano Accessory Outfit 00A

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Arch Two , Area 4
Meccano Construction Sets (display)

A long slim boxed Meccano Accessory Outfit 00A

The box has a white label with red and black lettering that warns that the set is meant as an expansion set (in this case, to convert a "No.00" outfit to "No.0"), and the slogan "The World's Mechanical Wonders in Every Home". The "00A" is shown with the two zeroes overlapping.

In the middle of the label is an oval showing a picture of a girder-based bridge with two large diamond-shaped sections and a smaller bridging piece, in perpective. This is most probably the Quebec Bridge, which became a favourite of Meccano Ltd. after a user submitted a model of the bridge for a competition.