Marvellous Models, by WJ Bassett-Lowke (Puffin Picture Book)

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MARVELLOUS MODELS and Models to Make, by W.J. Bassett-Lowke and Paul B. Mann (A Puffin Picture Book), is a softcover largish-=format, 32-page book with crude colour printing and simple illustrations aimed at children.

The book is a personal selection of modelmaking highlights chosen and described by W.J Bassett-Lowke. What makes the book interesting to B-L historians is the significant number of B-L's own models that are described - one might easily take these parts of the book as representing WJ's personal list of highlights of his company's history.

Selected subjects

  • Page 5: A City in Miniature (B-L model of the new planned Coventry City Centre)
  • Page 8: Action and Realism in Modelling (model of a canal, with moving boats, British Industries Fair)
  • Page 16-17: A Record Model (Bassett-Lowke's giant model of the RMS Queen Elizabeth, for Cunard, centrepage spread)
  • Page 18-19: A Railway of Silver (A solid silver locomotive, train and tracks built by B-L for the Maharajah of Gwallor to serve food at the table)
  • Page 22: The Queen's Dolls' House (Queen Mary's Dollhouse, now at Windsor. The fittings were donated by British companies, many of whom quietly subcontracted the work to Twining Models, affiliates of B-L)

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