LNER 4472 tender (Bowman Models 250)

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LNER 4472 tender (Bowman Models 250)

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Toyshop Steam (display)

A green "oversized gauge 0" six-wheel tender with Flying Scotsman LNER 4472 markings, made by Bowman Models to accompany their Model 234 steam locomotive (but sold separately).

"TENDER, MODEL 250. For use with LOCO 234" (Catalogue information)


This strong massive tender is illustrated in conjunction with the Model 234 locomotive to which it really belongs. Although sold separately to allow loco to be used with existing tenders if desired, the full beauty of the engine is not realised unless a tender of equally heavy construction and massive proportions is used. If you buy the loco separately, we strongly advise the addition of this well-made tender as early as possible. a glance at the illustration shows how it conforms with the lines and construction of the engine, and it will be realised that the usual tender is much too small and "tinny" for such an engine. Obtainable in colourings of the four main Railway groups, L.N.E.R, L.M.S., G.W.R. and S.R.


BODY - Heavy steel plate mounted rigidly on strong steel plate underbody. Beautifully finished in the respective colourings of the four railways, L.N.E.R, L.M.S., G.W.R. and S.R. UNDERCARRIAGE - Of heavy gauge steel plate with springs represented in relief. Wheels - Of cast iron with accurately turned threads. Painted spokes to avoid rust. AXLES - of steel rod 9/16" in diameter. Fitted with ample side play to allow tender to negotiate curves of 2 ft. radius or smaller. MEASUREMENTS - Overall length 7 ins. "O" gauge track. Weight of tender 14 ozs. 7/6 Sent post free if bought at same time as locomotive.

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