LMS wooden goods wagon, M (Tri-Ang)

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LMS wooden goods wagon, M (Tri-Ang)

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Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A large grey LMS wooden goods wagon made by Tri-Ang circa 1930-37, as part of the "No. M" pull-along train set.

The wagon has spherical wooden buffers and four black wheels, in pairs on axles mounted on black steel trunions screwed to the wooden base. The couplings comprise of a hook at one end and a small length of chain at the other.

The piece uses the same black, white and silver "LMS" metal plate as the locomotive, two per side (one is missing)

The wooden body of the wagon is noticeably narrower than the width of the trunnions and wheels, perhaps to make it easier to stack the rolling-stock for stowage.

Length is 11 1/2 inches.

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