LMS wooden locomotive M (Tri-Ang)

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LMS wooden locomotive M (Tri-Ang)

LMS wooden tank locomotive floor toy (Triang).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A large red LMS wooden locomotive pull-along floor-toy made by Tri-Ang circa 1930-37. By the time of the 1937-38 catalogue, the loco range had been replaced with more sophisticated models with additional wheels. A small whistle is attached to the cab with a piece of (cord?), allowing the owner to grab the whistle and blow it.


This is the locomotive from the "M" train set, with spherical wooden buffers that appear to be turned wooden beads, and four wheels, mounted in pairs on black steel trunions. The forward trunion-piece swivels

There is a large black plate with corners completely rounded-away, with LMS in large block white letters, and the Lines Brothers "triangle" logo and other text markings in silver.

The front of the loco has a curved circular plate with embossed firebox door details.

Length is nineteen inches.

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