Interlocking Building Cubes, set (Kiddicraft)

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Interlocking Building Cubes, set (Kiddicraft)

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Arch Two , Area 24
Building Sets 2 (display)

A set of 21 variously-coloured Self-Locking Building Cubes, by Kiddicraft.

The Building Cube was inventor Hilary Page's replacement for the traditional wooden building block. Page's substitute was a plastic cube with four curved vertical edges, an open base to allow easy moulding, and pegs on the upper surface to give stacked piles of bricks more stability.

Kiddicaft Cubes, loose


The Building Cube was a stepping-stone to Page's next development of the idea - a smaller brick-shaped version of the block with open base and top studs that is now instantly recognisable as the prototype of the Lego brick. This makes the Building Cube an evolutionary link between wooden blocks and Lego.


The cube colours in the set are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.