House with Roof Terrace (Lotts Bricks, 1938)

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House with Roof Terrace (Lotts Bricks, 1938)

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Arch Two , Area 24
Building Sets 2 (display)
Shelf 2

A built Lott's Bricks House with Roof Terrace built from a 1938 Lott's set (cabinet ID key "6").

The 1938 sets introduced new wall-base blocks, which instead of being dark grey(original) or dark red (1920s), now has a textured surface with a raised horizontal brick pattern that was a cheery orange colour (with the recessed mortar regions between bricks remaining a neutral colour.

The 1938 sets also introduced new "window" blocks, which had recessed neutral-coloured windows and raised frames (with lots of horizontal framework) that were painted dark blue.