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Henry Greenly's 1:1 diagrams for gauge 0 to 2-1/2" gauge, a page from the 1924 Bassett-Lowke "Catalogue B"

Henry Greenly's 1:1 diagrams for gauge 0 to 2-1/2" gauge, a page from the 1924 Bassett-Lowke "Catalogue B" [image info]

A page listing Henry Greenly loco designs, in gauge 0 and 2.5-inch gauge, from a 1946 Bond's of Euston Road catalogue

A page listing Henry Greenly loco designs, in gauge 0 and 2.5-inch gauge, from a 1946 Bond's of Euston Road catalogue [image info]

The importance of Henry Greenly to Bassett-Lowke Ltd. (and to the railway modelling community in general) is demonstrated by the sheer number of sets of model locomotive plans that he produced.

Design modifications

These blueprints weren't just literal copies of the original locomotive plans - as an engineer, Greenly would adapt, rescale and reproportion the designs to improve the stability and track-handling at whatever scale he was working to – while a full-size locomotive's weight makes it unlikely to fall over when taking a bend, the far more extreme track curves used in model railways and the different proportion of weight to track contact area meant that model loco wheels often needed to be out of scale before one even started to consider the rescaling of drive mechanisms and the need to be able to fit commercially-available mechanisms.

Greenly's philosophy was that it was more important for a model locomotive to work well while evoking the look of the original than to be a perfect scale copy that performed badly, so these blueprints and plans allowed modelmakers to build working models steam locos, trusting that Mr Greenly had already anticipated and dealt with most of the potential problems that might beset a model of a particular original loco.

For Bassett-Lowke, Greenly's prodigious output of plans meant that pretty much by default, any loco that was produced in-house by B-L (ie not imported or bought-in from another manufacturer) was likely to be based on a Greenly design.


Greenly initially worked on the larger gauges (including steam people-carrying railways), the gauge 0 listing below is taken from a post-war Bond's of Euston Road catalogue.

Greenly gauge 0 plans:

London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), and constituent railways

  • L15 LNWR Precursor 4-4-0
  • L16 LNWR George V 4-4-0
  • L20 LNWR Precursor Tank 4-4-2
  • L107 LNWR Prince of Wales 4-6-2
  • L229 LNWR En. Claughton 4-6-0
  • L26 LNWR Webb's 5ft 6in Tank 2-4-2
  • L129 LNWR Webb's “Jumbo” 2-4-0
  • L126 LNWR “Lady of the Lake” 2-2-0
  • L247 LMS Royal Scot 4-6-0
  • L212 LMS (LYR) Baltic Tank 4-6-4
  • L211 LMS (LYR) 4 cylinder 4-6-0
  • L139 Caledonian Railway No.139 Dunalastair 4-4-0
  • L48 Caledonian Railway Cardean 4-6-0
  • L163 Caledonian Railway Race Single 123 4-2-2
  • L138 Caledonian Railway Cathcart Tank 0-4-4
  • L241 Midland Railway Rblt No.483 4-4-0
  • L248 Midland Railway Passenger Tank 2000 0-6-4
  • L166 Midland Railway Johnson's Single 4-2-2
  • L117 Midland Railway Johnson's No. 2607 4-4-0
  • L244 London, Tilbury and Southend Railway (LTSR) Mid No.2176 Tank 4-4-2
  • L245 London, Tilbury and Southend Railway (LTSR) Baltic Tank 4-6-4

Great Western Railway (GWR)

  • L10 GWR Tank Locomotive 2-4-2
  • L39 GWR City Class 4-4-0
  • L251 GWR Caerphilly Castle 4-6-0
  • L259 GWR Saint Class 4-6-0
  • L250 GWR County Tank 4-4-2
  • L202 GWR County Express 4-4-0
  • L203 GWR Mixed Traffic No.4700 2-8-0
  • L204 GWR Duke of Cornwall 4-4-0
  • L210 GWR Ex.B.D.Gge. 3512 2-4-0
  • L83 GWR Tank No.517 0-4-2
  • L154 GWR No.5600 Min. Tank 0-6-2
  • L159 GWR "Achilles" Single 4-2-2

London and North Eastern Railway (LNER)

  • L275 GNR Flying Scotsman Pacific 4-6-2
  • L277 GNR Atlantic No.1419 4-4-2
  • L170 GNR "Stirling" 7ft. 7in. 2-2-2
  • L171 GNR "Stirling" 8ft Single 4-2-2
  • L172 GNR Ivatt's Single 4-2-2
  • L87 GNR Saddle Tank 0-6-0
  • L276 GNR (LNE No.33) Mx.Tc. 2-6-0
  • L35 GCR No.6 Passenger Tank 4-6-2
  • L266 GCR Glenalmond 4-6-0
  • L260 GCR Director Class 4-4-0
  • L164 GCR Pollitts single 4-2-2
  • L89 GCR Shuntin Tank 0-6-0
  • L105 NER No.1238 Cl.Rl. 4-4-0
  • L255 NER No.649 Atlantic 4-4-2
  • L258 NER Three-cylinder Atlantic 4-4-2
  • L254 NER Pacific No.2402 4-6-2
  • L257 NER Passenger Tank 4-4-4
  • L156 NER Three-cylinder Mx.Tr. 845 4-6-0
  • L168 NER Wodells Single 4-2-2
  • L256 NER rebuilt 4-4-4 Tank 4-6-2
  • E120 NER Electric Goods 0 4-4-0
  • E123 NER Electric Express 4-6-4
  • L130 GER No.1500 4-6-0
  • L235 GER Super Claud 4-4-0
  • L132 GER Holdens Single 2-2-2
  • L128 GER Holdens Single 4-2-2
  • L127 GER Holdens Tank 2-4-2

Southern Railway (SR)

  • L34 LSWR Four-cylinder No.458 4-6-0
  • L37 LSWR No.463 4-4-0
  • L230 LSWR Urie Goods Tank 4-6-2
  • L234 LSWR Adams 593 4-4-0
  • L233 LSWR King Arthur 4-6-0
  • L8 LB&SCR No.100 Tank 0-6-0
  • L18 LB&SCR Rebuilt "Sirdar" 4-4-0
  • L207 LB&SCR Charles Macrae Tank 4-6-4
  • L209 LB&SCR Marsh's Tank No.22 4-4-2
  • L151 LB&SCR Stroudley Single 2-2-2
  • L169 LB&SCR Gladstone 0-4-2
  • L152 LB&SCR Terrier Tank 0-6-0
  • L134 LB&SCR D Tank 0-4-2
  • L38 SECR Wainwright No.516
  • L239 SECR Wainwright Tank 0-6-4
  • L238 SECR Maunsell's No.759 4-4-0

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