Hall's Distemper 'workmen' sign (Dinky Toys 13)

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Hall's Distemper 'workmen' sign (Dinky Toys 13)

Halls Distemper Advertisement, Dinky Toys No 13 (1935 BHTMP).jpg 1935 catalogue image (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 3

A model of a pair of workmen in caps and white overalls, each carrying pots of paint or glue in their right hands, and carrying the ends of a long "Halls Distemper" sign raised up on their left shoulders.

The original

This is based on a real novelty sign that the "Halls Distemper" brand used to use, featuring oversized cutouts of a pair of workmen hefting the banner. The sign would be placed behind bushes and trees alongside a railway track to catch the eyes of train passengers as they passed by.

The piece was variously sold as a Hornby Series item, then under the Hornby Modelled Miniatures brandname, and finally as Dinky Toys No. 13.

It's been placed (appropriately) amongst the bushes and greenery of Hornby's countryside accessories, as recommended in the catalogue description.

Since the model is meant to be placed amongst trackside greenery for authenticity, the patch of ground under the workmen's feet, which makes the base of the model, is painted green.

Catalogue image

Halls Distemper advert, from the 1935-36 Hornby Book of Trains

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