Guenon Monkey, walking (Britains Zoo 921)

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Guenon Monkey, walking (Britains Zoo 921)

Guernon Monkey (Walking), Britains Zoo No921 (BritCat 1940).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)

A painted hollowcast lead Guenon Monkey, walking, from the Britains Zoo range, probably pre-war, catalogue number 921.

Giulia ...
" This monkey is a funny species of monkey. There are three different types: black ones, gold ones and brown ones. "

1940 catalogue description

" These monkeys are found only in Africa and comprise serveral varieties. They are vivacious and intelligent creatures and are the species carried by the street organ player. The word "Guenon" is French, and means to grimace. "