Gotthard Be 4/6 electric locomotive, gauge 1 (Marklin HS-65-13021)

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Gotthard Be 4/6 electric locomotive, gauge 1 (Marklin HS-65-13021)

Pantograph Locomotive, 4-6-2, Märklin HS-65-13020 HS-65-13021 (MarklinCat 1931).jpg 1931 catalogue image (i)
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A brown gauge 1 110V electric model of a Be 4/6 early electric locomotive designed for the Gotthard Railway in Switzerland. The unit has brown panelling, a black roof and sidebars, and sprung metal overhead pantograph power pickups.

The model was made by Märklin circa 1924 in gauge 0 and gauge 1 (the gauge 1 version was catalogue number HS 65/13021), and still appeared in brown in the 1931 catalogue – by the time of the 1932 catalogue the locomotive's colour had changed to green.

1931: catalogue image, brown

About the original

The Gotthardbahn was the fourth railway to run through the Swiss Alps, with its first sections opening in 1874. Four "Be 4/6" locomotives were ordered in 1917 as part of a programme to explore electrification.

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