GNR 1442 locomotive (Carette for Bassett-Lowke)

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GNR 1442 locomotive (Carette for Bassett-Lowke)

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A green clockwork lithographed tinplate gauge 0 C1 Great Northern Railway "Atlantic" (4-4-2) locomotive number 1442 with "GNR" three-axle tender and black contrast lining.

Typically of Georges Carette, the lithography is very, very nice - at first sight it appears the the railings above the tender have spaces punched out in the tinplate beneath them, but the sides are simple continuous tinplate, with the "spaces" coloured in a lighter colour to give the impression of light shining through.

It was made by Georges Carette for Bassett-Lowke circa ~1914.

German Carette catalogue image

The original locomotive

Number 1442 was the "showcase" locomotive chosen in 1908 by GNR to pull the Royal Train.

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