Empire Flying Boat Ceres G-AETX (Dinky Toys 60r)

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Empire Flying Boat Ceres G-AETX (Dinky Toys 60r)

Empire Flying Boat, Dinky Toys 60r (MeccanoCat 1939-40).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 22
The Hatley Early Dinky Collection (display)

1937 - 1949

A boxed "pre-WW2" silver diecast metal Short Empire Flying Boat ("Ceres"), marked G-AETX, Dinky Toys 60r, made by Meccano Ltd. from 1937 to 1949.

1939: catalogue image


The aircraft is a high-winged monoplane flying boat, with red propellers, two side-floats, and large black ID lettering on the upper wing. It is fitted with a split pin to allow it to be suspended from a wire.

The model is displayed as part of Dinky Toys set 65.