Electricity Substation model railway power supply (Jouet de Paris)

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Electricity Substation model railway power supply (Jouet de Paris)

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Arch Two , Area 14
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An upright rectangular yellow and green lithographed tinplate mains power supply (for 110V-150V), whose casing is appropriately designed to be a model of an electricity substation, made by Jouet de Paris.


The piece is styled as a yellow flat-roofed building with green-framed opaque windows, with a ventilator panel and a (printed) door on each of the two narrower walls. The doors are marked Defense d'Entrer / DANGER DE MORT, and the working ventrilation slots in the power supply's casing appear on the fictitious building's ventilation panel.

The power supply is built on a blue metal stepped base, and its specifications and the words 'BASS-VOLT are printed on the flat roof.

Mains power enters the power supply via white coiled cables with a woven cloth covering, terminating in a circular two-pin mains plug.