Electric Motors and Generators (Stuart Turner)

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Electric Motors and Generators made by Stuart Turner Ltd. (Stuart Models).

Catalogue entries


The illustration shows it in its latest improved form – simple in every detail, and so sturdy and reliable that it is used commercially for continuous work, driving small Fans, Contactors, etc. The Wick-Feed Lubrication provides for this, and only needs replenishing after 48 hours of continuous work.

The Armature core is of a special soft grey iron ground to diameter. The permanent magnet field, containing 15% Cobalt, has high Magnetic permeability, and is so accurately ground that the air-gap is no more than .005 of an inch, a most important feature. The pulley is 38-inch diameter.

The current consumption is extraordinarily low; an ordinary 4-volt dry battery will run it for some hours. The motor may be driven by two 4-volt batteries in series at greatly increased power. Higher voltage should not be used.

Never remove the Armature without first bridging the pole pieces with a piece of iron.

This Motor is just the thing for driving small Meccano Toys, Fans, Boats and similar work.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


The only efficient Miniature Dynamo.

Alternating Current for direct lighting. It will not run as a motor nor charge Accumulators.

Height 3-inches, Length Overall 4-inches

At 2,500 r.p.m. two 4 volt 1 watt lamps
At 3,000 r.p.m. four 4 volt 1 watt lamps
At 5,000 r.p.m. eight 4 volt 1 watt lamps

This dynamo has been specially designed to be driven by the Stuart Mill Engine, No.10, "Sun" and other small engines.

The scientific design from an electrical and magnetic point of view, sound mechanical design and great accuracy of workmanship (the air gap is only .005 inch) make the efficiency of the dynamo extraordinarily high; a lamp can be made to glow merely by twisting the spindle between the fingers.

The Spindle is of silver steel and the Bearings are long and of best gunmetal. The current is collected from 2 slip rings by spring brushes and led to the terminals.

The output obtained with our Mill Engine and Boiler (maintained pressure 30-lb) is two one watt lamps.

Note. – On no account remove the Armature without first bridging the field magnet poles with a piece of iron. Don't mount the machine on an iron bed.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965