Early French 00-gauge trainset (JEP)

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Early French 00-gauge trainset (JEP)

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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)

A very early, rare French 00-gauge overhead power-rail trainset made by Le Jouet de Paris (JEP), with box.

The large illustrated colour box label procaims it as "Electric Trolley", and an online listing on modellbahnarchiv.de suggests that the set's catalogue number was 5452:

5452 / Chemin de fer électrique sur rails / 1927-32 / Loco "Electric Trolley" avec caténaire aériale / 3 Wagons voyageurs

A semicircular section of track is displayed, with assorted single components. Solid printed tinplate track sections were fitted together with prongs, and sat on electrically isolated trestles. Since the track acted as a single conductor, the overhead power rail was necessary to complete the circuit.

Box artwork

box label

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