Eagle live steam boat (Bowman Models)

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The Eagle (~1930?) was Bowman Models' second-from-top steam-powered launch, Sharing the higher-capacity tank of the Seahawk (to allow it to run for forty minutes rather than twenty), but with a single-cylinder engine.

Advertising/catalogue text:


The Real Thing!

Talk about a speed boat – well here's one you can get some gee out of. Try the Eagle Super Model on your home pond or the seaside lake. Won;t the fellows stare at it. As good as she looks – really. Its hull is 26½ins. long, made particularly light, beautifully finished in bright cellulose, and fitted with a super-speed engine. It will steam for half an hour at one filling of methylated spirit, and water, and is faster than any similar boat in the same class. The engine is of polished brass and protected from high winds by an efficient spray hood and wind screen. The boiler is fitted with a safety valve and the reservoir of the lamp is kept well away from the actual flame. Complete in box with oil, filler and full running instructions.


The EAGLE Model

A beautiful and powerful single cylinder model. Of pleasing lines, it is one of the fastest boats of its type and performs well in a moderate breeze. It steams for 1½ miles or approximately 40 minutes on a filling. Superbly finished in 3 colours. Fully Guaranteed.


HULL of patent applied-for design – extra light. Length 28". Beam 5". Stream-lined spray hood and aluminium wind shield protecting boiler and lamp.
ENGINE – Bowman "double-power" single cylinder model ½" bore × ¾" stroke. Automatic oil lubricator.
BOILER – polished brass 7" × 2" with safety valve.
LAMP – safety type burning methylated spirit. Direct drive to propeller shaft. Exhaust pipe at stern.
For model engineers who prefer to construct their own models, this model is supplied in loose parts at same price but without guarantee.

Complete with filler and instructions, in strong wooden box.

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