Diesel locomotive LMS 10001 (Bond's of Euston Road)

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Diesel locomotive LMS 10001 (Bond's of Euston Road)

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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A black and silver electric gauge 0 model of the LMS prototype diesel locomotive 10001, made by Bond's of Euston Road.

This is a very rare piece, even for Bond's - our current information is that only six of these models are known to have been built.

The original locomotive

The "twin" locomotives 10000 and 10001 were the first diesels to be unleashed on the UK national railway system, and were designed as prototypes for the LMS, with loco designer H.G. Ivatt in charge of overall design, and with the new technological components designed and produced by English Electric.

10000 was "launched" to the press in December 1947, and although LMS became part of British Railways almost immediately afterwards, Ivatt somehow "didn't get around to" passing on the instructions from BR to remove the LMS lettering, which remained until his death.

10000 entered service in early 1948 followed by 10001, and after further modification, the locos proved their worth by hauling the Euston-Glasgow express, including the notoriously difficult "Shap Fell" incline.

No.10000 was withdrawn in 1963, and its parts cannibalised to help maintain No.10001, which kept going until 1966, and was then scrapped.

The Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society hope to rebuild a replica of No.10000.

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