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Xactus Models

1930s -     

The Xactus Model Co. (Surrey), produced a number of ranges of model kits and ready-built models in the 1930s.

The company seems to have tried their hand at selling models of various non-road vehicles, including aircraft, boats and even a wooden kit of a railway locomotive.

1:40 Series

In 1932, Xactus were advertising an initial range of eight 1:40 wooden model aircraft kits. A few more were added later.

  • D.H. Moth
  • Blackburn Bluebird
  • Supermarine S.6
  • Avro Avian
  • Westland Widgeon
  • Puss Moth
  • Hawker Fury
  • Gloster Fighter
  • Comper Swift
  • Desoutter Coupe
  • Fairey Fox


  • Fairey IIIF

The idea for the 1:40 wooden kit range was patented by a William Henry Lane, of 162 Sydenham Road North, Croydon in 1932 (applied for on 19th February 1931).

1:70 Series "Flybirds"

In 1932, Xactus followed Skybirds in producing a range of smaller 1:70-scale finished models, that Xactus called "Flybirds". The use of the same unusual scale, plus the very similar name, probably caused some dark mutterings in the Skybirds community about "copy-catting".

The Flybirds range launched with eight models, then added another three, and another two. We don't know how the models were numbered within each block.

  • Puss Moth
  • Blackburn Segrave
  • Hawker Fury
  • Nieuport Scout
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Fokker VII
  • Comper Swift
  • Fokker Triplane
  • Autogiro
  • Martynside
  • Gypsy Moth
12 - 13:
  • S.E.5a
  • Klemm Monoplane


  • Avro 304

Skybirds later changed their official default scale for new models to 1:72.


  • The Exactus Model Co. – 717 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey

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