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Aeromodels Ltd

1930s -     

Aeromodels Ltd. produced a range of model aeroplane kits in the 1930s. The company advertised in Meccano Magazine from February 1932 to November 1937. Graces Guide also list them as having had a stand at the 1947 British Industries Fair.

1932 advertising text:


At Last!

You can construct a scale model accurate in every detail!

Hours of interest and instruction are yours when you make this beautiful model of the Gypsy Moth. You build it from detailed plans of the machine, and every part is true to scale. In constructing it you will gain invaluable knowledge of the actual principles and problems of aeroplane construction.

AEROMODELS Are absolutely unique constructional sets, complete with everything needed for building perfect models – there ar eno extras to buy. all the parts are correctly coloured and the finished model has a most realistic appearance – so real that only an expert can tell a photograph of the model from one of the real machine. The elaborately detailed plans – scale copies of the originals – make the actual construction a fascinating job, yet a simple one.

Model Series No.1., the world-famous Gipsy Moth is now ready.

No.2., the well-known Comper-Swift, which recently broke the England-Australia record, is now in preparation, and model sets of other celebrated aircraft will follow at intervals.

— , -, , Hobbies Weekly, , February 1932


  • Aeromodels Ltd. – Hooton Road, Willaston, Wirral, Cheshire (1934)
  • Aeromodels Ltd. – Park Works, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool 17 (1947)
  • Aeromodels Ltd. – Dalmeny Street, Liverpool 17

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