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Waddy Builderbit

1938 -     

The Waddy Builderbit range of Dollhouse furniture ("No Cutting - No Pasting") was supplied as flat coloured boxes containing sheets of printed pre-cut card, wwith parts that could easily be pressed out of the carrier sheet and fitted together using tabs and slots.


While we don't have any solid dates for the Builderbit range, we think that it was pretty short-lived, and we're not sure if the Waddy brand returned after World War Two (1939-1945).

The instruction sheets on all the examples we've seen list Waddy's address as being Astor House, Aldwych, London WC2. Since Waddy didn't move to this address until late 1938, we think these sets probably date from 1938 or 1939.

We don't currently know if all six sets were produced, or whether the associated dollhouses ever made it to market - the outbreak of the Second World War would have tended to disrupt things, and prevented planned toys from a number of manufacturers from being produced.


The range (that we know of) consisted of six different dollhuse sets:

  • Dining Room
  • Sitting Room
  • Best Bedroom
  • Guests Bedroom
  • Kitchen, and
  • Bathroom.


The top endge of the box lids carry a red stripe with black text, reading:


, which suggests at least two (or two ranges) of compatible dollhouses or dollhouse kits.

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